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Toyota Corolla: Other interior features / Assist grips

An assist grip installed on the ceiling can be used to support your body while sitting on the seat.

Toyota Corolla. Assist grips


■ Assist grip

Do not use the assist grip when getting in or out of the vehicle or rising from your seat.


■ To prevent damage to the assist grip

Do not hang any heavy object or put a heavy load on the assist grip.



    Coat hooks

    The coat hooks are provided with the rear assist grips. WARNING ■ Items that cannot be hung on the coat hook Do not hang coat hangers or other hard or sharp objects on the hook...

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    Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

    Location of the interior lights

    Toyota Corolla. Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

    A - Rear interior light

    B - Door trim lights

    C - Front interior/personal lights

    D - Center tray light

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