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Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual

Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual

Owners handbook for the Toyota Corolla, a compact automobile (formerly subcompact) that is currently in its tenth generation and is sold all over the world. The low foundation of the Corolla is intentionally engineered to provide it with a lively and responsive drive, and its lightweight body enhances efficiency. Every time you step on the accelerator, the 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine, which is paired with an optional Dynamic-Shift CVT and paddle shifters, produces 169 horsepower under the hood of the Corolla, awakening your senses. To say that the Corolla is "fun to drive" would be an understatement.

Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual

For safety and security


Other information:

Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Sound settings

1 Display the audio control screen. 2 Select “Sound”. 3 Select the desired item to be set. A Select to set the treble/ mid/bass. B Select to set the fader/balance. C Select to set the automatic sound levelizer. ■ Treble/Mid/Bass How good an audio program sounds is largely determined by the mix of the treble, mid and bass levels. In fact, different kinds of music and vocal programs usually ..

Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Seat belt pretensioners (front seats)

The pretensioners help the seat belts to quickly restrain the occupants by retracting the seat belts when the vehicle is subjected to certain types of severe frontal or side collision or a vehicle rollover. The pretensioners do not activate in the event of a minor frontal impact, a minor side impact or a rear impact. ■Replacing the belt after the pretensioner has been activated If the vehicl..


General settings

Settings are available for clock, operation sounds, etc.

Displaying the general settings screen

1 Press the “MENU” button.

Toyota Corolla. General settings

2 Select “Setup”.

If the general settings screen is not displayed, select “General”.

3 Select the desired items to be set.

Toyota Corolla. General settings

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