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Toyota Corolla: Other interior features / Wireless charger

A portable device, such as a smartphone or mobile battery, can be charged by just placing it on the charging area, provided the device is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium.

The wireless charger cannot be used with a portable device that is larger than the charging area. Additionally, depending on the portable device, the wireless charger may not operate properly. Refer to the operation manual of the portable device.

■ The “Qi” symbol

The “Qi” symbol is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium.

Toyota Corolla. Wireless charger

■ Name for all parts

Toyota Corolla. Wireless charger

A - Power supply switch

B - Operation indicator light

C - Charge area

■ Using the wireless charger

1 Press the power supply switch of the wireless charger.

Pressing the switch again turns the wireless charger off. When turned on, the operation indicator light (green) comes on. When the engine switch is turned off, the on/off state of the wireless charger will be memorized.

Toyota Corolla. Wireless charger

2 Place a portable device on the charging area with its charging surface facing down.

While charging, the operation indicator light (orange) will be illuminated.

If charging does not begin, move the portable device as close to the center of the charging area as possible.

When charging is complete, the operation indicator light (green) will illuminate.

Toyota Corolla. Wireless charger

■ Recharging function

  • If a certain amount of time has elapsed since charging completed and the portable device has not been moved, the wireless charger will restart charging.
  • If the portable device is moved within the charging area, charging will stop temporarily then restart.

■ Operation indicator light status

Toyota Corolla. Wireless charger

  • If the operation indicator light blinks

If an error is detected, the operation indicator light will blink (orange). Take the appropriate measures according to the table below.

Toyota Corolla. Wireless charger

■ The wireless charger can be operated when

The engine switch is in ACC or ON.

■ Portable devices that can be charged

  • Portable devices compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard can be charged by the wireless charger. However, compatibility with all devices which meet the Qi wireless charging standard is not guaranteed.
  • The wireless charger is designed to supply low power electricity (5 W or less) to a cellular phone, smartphone, or other portable device.

■ If a cover or accessory is attached to the portable device

Do not charge a portable device if a cover or accessory which is not Qi compatible is attached. Depending on the type of cover and/or accessory attached, it may not be possible to charge the portable device. If the portable device is placed on the charging area and does not charge, remove the cover and/or accessories.

■ If interference is heard in AM radio broadcasts while charging

Turn off the wireless charger and check if the noise is reduced. If noise is reduced, press and hold the power supply switch of the wireless charger for 2 seconds. The frequency of the wireless charger is changed and noise may be reduced. When the frequency is changed, the operation indicator light will blink (orange) 2 times.

■ Charging precautions

  • If the electronic key cannot be detected in the cabin, charging cannot be performed. When a door is opened and closed, charging may be temporarily suspended.
  • While charging, the wireless charger and the portable device will become warm. This is not a malfunction.If a portable device becomes warm while charging and charging stops due to the protection function of the portable device, wait until the portable device cools down and charge it again.

■ Sound generated during operation

When the power supply switch is turned on or while a portable device is being identified, operation sounds may be heard. This is not a malfunction.


■ Caution while driving

When charging a portable device while driving, for safety reasons, the driver should not operate the portable device.

■ Caution regarding interference with electronic devices

People with implantable cardiac pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators, as well as any other electrical medical device, should consult their physician about the usage of the wireless charger. Operations of the wireless charger may have an affect on medical devices.

■ To prevent damage or burns

Observe the following precautions. Failure to do so may result in the possibility of fire, equipment failure or damage, or burns due to heat.

  • Do not put any metallic objects between the charging area and the portable device while charging.
  • Do not attach metallic objects, such as aluminum stickers, to the charging area.
  • Do not cover the wireless charger with a cloth or other object while charging.
  • Do not attempt to charge portable devices which are not compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard.
  • Do not disassemble, modify or remove the wireless charger.
  • Do not apply force or impact to the wireless charger.


■ Conditions in which the wireless charger may not operate correctly

In the following situations, the wireless charger may not operate correctly:

  • When a portable device is fully charged
  • When there is a foreign object between the charging area and portable device
  • When a portable device becomes hot while charging
  • When a portable device is placed on the wireless area with its charging surface facing up
  • When a portable device is not centered on the charging area
  • When the vehicle is near a TV tower, electric power plant, gas station, radio station, large display, airport or other facility that generates strong radio waves or electrical noise
  • When the portable device is in contact with, or is covered by any of the following metallic objects:
    • • Cards to which aluminum foil is attached
    • • Cigarette boxes that have aluminum foil inside
    • • Metallic wallets or bags
    • • Coins
    • • Metal hand warmers
    • • Media such as CDs and DVDs


  • When wireless keys (that emit radio waves) other than those of your vehicle are being used nearby.

If in situations other than above the wireless charger does not operate properly or the operation indicator light is blinking, the wireless charger may be malfunctioning. Contact your Toyota dealer.

■To prevent failure or damage to data

  • Do not bring magnetic cards, such as a credit card, or magnetic recording media, close to the wireless charger while charging. Otherwise, data may be erased due to the influence of magnetism. Additionally, do not bring precision instruments such as wrist watches, close to the wireless charger, as such objects may malfunction.
  • Do not leave portable devices in the cabin. The temperature inside the cabin may become high when parked in the sun, and cause damage to the device.

■To prevent battery discharge

Do not use the wireless charger for a long period of time with the engine stopped.

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