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Toyota Corolla: Manual transmission / iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

The iMT optimally controls the engine speed to suit the driver’s operation of the clutch pedal and shift lever, helping the driver to shift gears more smoothly. Additionally, when the clutch pedal is operated, the iMT helps reduce shift shock, allowing for lighter shift operations when driving on a winding road or incline.

Press the “iMT” switch.

Toyota Corolla. iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

The iMT indicator will illuminate in green.

Press the switch again to cancel iMT.

■The iMT may not operate when

In the following situations, iMT may not operate. However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

  • The clutch pedal is not fully depressed
  • The clutch pedal is not fully released, such as if a foot is resting on the clutch pedal*
  • Shift operation is performed after the vehicle has been coasting with the shift lever in N
  • The shift lever is not operated for a long time after the clutch pedal is depressed

■If the iMT indicator illuminates in amber

The iMT may be temporarily unavailable or malfunctioning. Have the vehicle inspected at your Toyota dealer.


■Limitations of the iMT

iMT is not a system that prevents shift lever operation error or engine overrevving. Depending on the situation, iMT may not operate normally and the shift position may not be changed smoothly. Overly relying on iMT may cause an unexpected accident.

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