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Toyota Corolla: Heated steering wheel/seat heaters / Operation instructions

■ Heated steering wheel

Turns heated steering wheel on/off

When the heated steering wheel is on, the indicator illuminates on the heated steering wheel switch.

Toyota Corolla. Operation instructions

■ Seat heaters


Turns seat heaters on/off

Toyota Corolla. Operation instructions

1 High temperature

2 Low temperature

When the seat heater is on, the indicator illuminates on the seat heater switch.

When not in use, put the switch in the neutral position. The indicator will turn off.


Turns seat heaters on/off

When the seat heater is on, the indicator illuminates on the seat heater switch.

Toyota Corolla. Operation instructions

■ The heated steering wheel and seat heaters can be used when

The engine switch is in ON.


■ To prevent overheating and minor burn injuries

Observe the following precautions when using the seat heaters.

  • Do not cover the seat with a blanket or cushion when using the seat heater.
  • Do not use seat heater more than necessary.

    Heated steering wheel/seat heaters


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    General settings

    Settings are available for clock, operation sounds, etc.

    Displaying the general settings screen

    1 Press the “MENU” button.

    Toyota Corolla. General settings

    2 Select “Setup”.

    If the general settings screen is not displayed, select “General”.

    3 Select the desired items to be set.

    Toyota Corolla. General settings

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