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Toyota Corolla: Garage door opener / System components

The HomeLink® wireless control system in your vehicle has 3 buttons which can be programmed to operate 3 different devices. Refer to the programming methods on the following pages to determine the method which is appropriate for the device.

Toyota Corolla. System components

A - HomeLink® indicator light

B - Garage door operation indicators

C - HomeLink® icon Illuminates while HomeLink® is operating.

D - Buttons

■ Codes stored in the Home- Link® memory

  • The registered codes are not erased even if the battery cable is disconnected.
  • If learning failed when registering a different code to a HomeLink® button that already has a code registered to it, the already registered code will not be erased.


■ When programming a garage door or other remote control device

The garage door or other device may operate, so ensure people and objects are out of danger to prevent potential harm.

■ Conforming to federal safety standards

Do not use the HomeLink® compatible transceiver with any garage door opener or device that lacks safety stop and reverse features as required by federal safety standards.

This includes any garage door that cannot detect an interfering object. A door or device without these features increases the risk of death or serious injury.

■ When operating or programming HomeLink®

Never allow a child to operate or play with the HomeLink® buttons.

    Garage door opener

    The garage door opener can be programmed using the HomeLink® to operate garage doors, gates, entry doors, door locks, home lighting systems, security systems, and other devices...

    Programming the Home- Link

    ■ Before programming Home- Link During programming, it is possible that garage doors, gates, or other devices may operate. For this reason, make sure that people and objects are clear of the garage door or other devices to prevent injury or other potential harm...

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    Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk opener

    Pull the lever upward to release the trunk lid.

    Toyota Corolla. Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk release button (vehicles with a smart key system)

    While carrying the electronic key, press the button on the trunk lid.

    When all the doors are unlocked using one of the following methods, the trunk can be opened without the electronic key:

    Entry function Wireless remote control Door lock switches Automatic door unlocking system Mechanical key

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