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Toyota Corolla: If you have a flat tire (vehicles with a spare tire) / Taking out the spare tire

1 Remove the deck mat.

2 Remove the tool tray.

Toyota Corolla. Taking out the spare tire

3 Loosen the center fastener that secures the spare tire.

Toyota Corolla. Taking out the spare tire


■ When storing the spare tire

Be careful not to catch fingers or other body parts between the spare tire and the body of the vehicle.

    Taking out the jack


    Replacing a flat tire

    1 Chock the tires. 2 Vehicles with a steel wheel: Remove the wheel ornament (if equipped) using the wrench. Insert the wrench into the notch A on the wheel cap...

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    Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Type B: Function achieved by using DCM and the system

    The functionality of Wi-Fi® Hotspot is made possible through the shared work of the DCM and the system. This service is available by subscription and supported by the Toyota response center, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before using the function ■ Subscription After you have signed the Telematics Subscription Service Agreement and are enrolled, you can begin receiving servic..

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    Operating HomeLink

    Press the appropriate Home- Link® button. The HomeLink® indicator light should turn on.

    The status of the opening and closing of a garage door is shown by the indicators.

    Toyota Corolla. Operating HomeLink

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