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Toyota Corolla: Basic information before operation / Touch screen

Touch screen gestures

Operations are performed by touching the touch screen directly with your finger.

Toyota Corolla. Touch screen

Flick operations may not be performed smoothly at high altitudes.

Touch screen operation

This system is operated mainly by the buttons on the screen. (Referred to as screen buttons in this manual.)

When a screen button is touched, a beep sounds. (To set the beep sound:

  • If the system does not respond to touching a screen button, move your finger away from the screen and then touch it again.
  • Dimmed screen buttons cannot be operated.
  • ●The displayed image may become darker and moving images may be slightly distorted when the screen is cold.
  • ●In extremely cold conditions, the screen may not be displayed and the data input by a user may be deleted. Also, the screen buttons may be harder than usual to depress.
  • ●When you look at the screen through polarized material such as polarized sunglasses, the screen may be dark and hard to see. If so, look at the screen from different angles, adjust the screen settings on the display settings screen or take off your sunglasses.
  • ●When Toyota Corolla. Touch screen is displayed on the screen, select Toyota Corolla. Touch screen to return to the previous screen.


  • To prevent damaging the screen, lightly touch the screen buttons with your finger.
  • Do not use objects other than your finger to touch the screen.
  • Wipe off fingerprints using a glass cleaning cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners to clean the screen, as they may damage the touch screen.

Capacitive touch screen buttons

The operable areas of the capacitive touch screen buttons use capacitive touch sensors and may not operate properly in the following situations:

  • If the screen is dirty or wet
  • If a source of strong electromagnetic waves is brought near the screen
  • If a glove is worn during operation
  • If the screen is touched by a fingernail
  • If a stylus is used to operate the buttons
  • If your palm touches the operable area of another button during operation
  • If a button is touched quickly
  • If the operable part of a capacitive touch screen button is touched by or covered with a metal object, such as the following, it may not operate properly:
  • Magnetic isolation cards
  • Metallic foil, such as the inner packaging of a cigarette box
  • Metallic wallets or bags
  • Coins
  • Discs, such as a CD or DVD
  • If the operable part of a capacitive touch screen button is wiped, it may operate unintentionally.
  • If the capacitive touch screen button is being touched when the engine switch is changed to ACC or ON, the button may not operate properly. In this case, remove anything touching the button, turn the engine switch off and then turn it to ACC or ON, or restart the system by press and hold the “POWER VOLUME” knob for 3 seconds or more.

    Initial screen

    When the engine switch is turned to ACC or ON, the initial screen will be displayed and the system will begin operating. Caution screen After a few seconds, the caution screen will be displayed...

    Home screen

    On the home screen, multiple screens, such as the audio/visual system screen, hands-free screen and clock screen, can be displayed simultaneously. Home screen operation 1 Press the “HOME” button...

    Other information:

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    Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk opener

    Pull the lever upward to release the trunk lid.

    Toyota Corolla. Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk release button (vehicles with a smart key system)

    While carrying the electronic key, press the button on the trunk lid.

    When all the doors are unlocked using one of the following methods, the trunk can be opened without the electronic key:

    Entry function Wireless remote control Door lock switches Automatic door unlocking system Mechanical key

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