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Toyota Corolla: Keys / Using the mechanical key (vehicles with a smart key system)

Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual / Before driving / Keys / Using the mechanical key (vehicles with a smart key system)

To take out the mechanical key, slide the release button and take the key out.

The mechanical key can only be inserted in one direction, as the key only has grooves on one side. If the key cannot be inserted in a lock cylinder, turn it over and re-attempt to insert it. After using the mechanical key, store it in the electronic key.

Carry the mechanical key together with the electronic key. If the electronic key battery is depleted or the entry function does not operate properly, you will need the mechanical key.

Toyota Corolla. Using the mechanical key (vehicles with a smart key system)

    Using the key (vehicles without a smart key system and with a wireless remote control function)




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    General settings

    Settings are available for clock, operation sounds, etc.

    Displaying the general settings screen

    1 Press the “MENU” button.

    Toyota Corolla. General settings

    2 Select “Setup”.

    If the general settings screen is not displayed, select “General”.

    3 Select the desired items to be set.

    Toyota Corolla. General settings

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