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Toyota Corolla: Garage door opener / Erasing the entire Home- Link® memory (all three codes)

Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual / Interior features / Other interior features / Garage door opener / Erasing the entire Home- Link® memory (all three codes)

Press and hold the 2 outside buttons for 10 seconds until the HomeLink® indicator light changes from continuously lit (orange) to rapidly flashing (green).

If you sell your vehicle, be sure to erase the programs stored in the HomeLink® memory.

Toyota Corolla. codes)

    Operating HomeLink

    Press the appropriate Home- Link® button. The HomeLink® indicator light should turn on. The status of the opening and closing of a garage door is shown by the indicators...

    Maintenance and care


    Other information:

    Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Alarm

    The alarm uses light and sound to give an alert when an intrusion is detected. The alarm is triggered in the following situations when the alarm is set: A locked door or trunk is unlocked or opened in any way other than using the entry function (if equipped), wireless remote control, mechanical key (if equipped) or key (if equipped). (The doors will lock again automatically.) The hood is o..

    Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Setting voice tags

    Calls can be made by saying the voice tag of a registered contact in the contact list. 1 Select “Manage Voice Tags”. 2 Select the desired item to be set. A - Select to register a new voice tag. B - Select to edit a voice tag. C - Select to delete a voice tag. ■ Registering a voice tag Up to 50 voice tags can be registered. 1 Select “New”. 2 Select the desired contact to register a voic..


    Gauges and meters (4.2-inch display)

    Meter display

    ■ Locations of gauges and meters

    Toyota Corolla. Gauges and meters (4.2-inch display)

    The units of measure may differ depending on the intended destination of the vehicle.

    A - Tachometer Displays the engine speed in revolutions per minute

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