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Toyota Corolla: Radio operation. AM radio/FM radio/SiriusXM ® Satellite Radio(SXM) / How to subscribe to SiriusXM Radio Services

All SiriusXM services, including satellite radio and data services, plus streaming services, require a subscription, sold separately or as a package by Sirius XM Radio Inc. (or in Canada, Sirius XM Canada Inc.), after any trial subscription which may be included with your vehicle purchase or lease. To subscribe after your trial subscription, call 1-877-447-0011 (U.S.A.) or 1-877-438-9677 (Canada).

■ Important information about your subscription

Your SiriusXM services will automatically stop at the end of your trial unless you decide to subscribe. If you decide to continue service, the paid subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged the rate in effect at that time and according to your chosen payment method. Fees and taxes apply. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-866-635-2349. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at www.siriusxm. com (U.S.A.) or (Canada). All fees and programming subject to change. Traffic information not available in all markets.


  • It is prohibited to copy, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, hack, manipulate, or otherwise make available any technology or software incorporated in receivers compatible with the SiriusXM Satellite Radio System or that support the SiriusXM website, the streaming service or any of its content. Furthermore, the AMBE® voice compression software included in this product is protected by intellectual property rights including patent rights, copyrights, and trade secrets of Digital Voice Systems, Inc.
  • Note: this applies to SiriusXM Satellite Radio receivers only and not SiriusXM Ready devices.

●About SiriusXM Services

  • Most in-car trials today include SiriusXM’s best package — All Access. It includes every channel available on your radio, plus streaming.

●SiriusXM All Access Subscription

  • Listen everywhere with All Access. You get every channel available in your ride, plus you can listen on the app and online — so you can enjoy the best SiriusXM has to offer, anywhere life takes you. It’s the only package that gives you all of our premium programming, including Howard Stern, every NFL, MLB® and NBA game, every NASCAR® race, NHL® games, 24/7 talk channels dedicated to the biggest leagues, and more. You get all kinds of commercial-free music, including artist-dedicated channels and more, plus sports, news, talk and entertainment.

●Radio operation

  • Look for the Sirius, XM, SiriusXM, Band, SAT, AUX, Radio or Source button and you’re in. If you can’t hear us, it’s easy to get started: U.S.A.: Locate your Radio ID by turning to Channel 0. If you don’t see your number there, go to siriusxm. com/activationhelp to find it. Visit or call 1-855-MYREFRESH (697-3373) to send a refresh signal to your radio. Canada: Locate your Radio ID by turning to Channel 0. Visit to send a refresh signal to your radio or call 1-888-539-7474 for service.

    Radio Broadcast Data System

    This audio/visual system is equipped with Radio Broadcast Data Systems (RBDS). RBDS mode allows text messages to be received from radio stations that utilize RBDS transmitters...

    Displaying the radio ID

    Each SiriusXM tuner is identified with a unique radio ID. The radio ID is required when activating an SiriusXM service or when reporting a problem. If “Ch 000” is selected using the “TUNE SCROLL” knob, the ID code, which is 8 alphanumeric characters, will be displayed...

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    Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk opener

    Pull the lever upward to release the trunk lid.

    Toyota Corolla. Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk release button (vehicles with a smart key system)

    While carrying the electronic key, press the button on the trunk lid.

    When all the doors are unlocked using one of the following methods, the trunk can be opened without the electronic key:

    Entry function Wireless remote control Door lock switches Automatic door unlocking system Mechanical key

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