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Toyota Corolla: RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) function / RCTA function

■ Operation of the RCTA function

The RCTA function uses rear side radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from the right or left at the rear of the vehicle and alerts the driver of the presence of such vehicles by flashing the outside rear view mirror indicators and sounding a buzzer.

Toyota Corolla. RCTA function

A - Approaching vehicles

B - Detection areas of approaching vehicles

■ RCTA icon display

When a vehicle approaching from the right or left at the rear of the vehicle is detected, the following will be displayed on the audio system display.

l Toyota parking assist monitor: Vehicles are approaching from both sides of the vehicle

Toyota Corolla. RCTA function

■ RCTA function detection areas

The areas that vehicles can be detected in are outlined below.

Toyota Corolla. RCTA function

The buzzer can alert the driver of faster vehicles approaching from farther away.


Toyota Corolla. RCTA function

■The RCTA function is operational when

The RCTA function operates when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The engine switch is in ON.
  • The RCTA function is on.
  • The shift lever is in R.
  • The vehicle speed is less than approximately 5 mph (8 km/h).
  • The approaching vehicle speed is between approximately 5 mph (8 km/h) and 18 mph (28 km/h).

■Conditions under which the RCTA function will not detect a vehicle

The RCTA function is not designed to detect the following types of vehicles and/or objects:

  • Vehicles approaching from directly behind
  • Vehicles backing up in a parking space next to your vehicle
  • Vehicles that the sensors cannot detect due to obstructions

Toyota Corolla. RCTA function

  • Guardrails, walls, signs, parked vehicles and similar stationary objects*
  • Small motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.*
  • Vehicles moving away from your vehicle
  • Vehicles approaching from the parking spaces next to your vehicle

■Conditions under which the RCTA function may not function correctly

  • The RCTA function may not detect vehicles correctly in the following situations:
    • When a sensor is misaligned due to a strong impact to the sensor or its surrounding area
    • When mud, snow, ice, a sticker, etc. is covering a sensor or its surrounding area on the rear bumper
    • When driving on a road surface that is wet with standing water during bad weather, such as heavy rain, snow, or fog
    • When multiple vehicles are approaching with only a small gap between each vehicle
    • If a vehicle is approaching the rear of your vehicle rapidly
    • When a towing eyelet is installed to the rear of the vehicle. (if equipped)
    • When backing up on a slope with a sharp change in grade<> Toyota Corolla. RCTA function
    • When backing out of a shallow angle parking spot<> Toyota Corolla. RCTA function
    • Immediately after the RCTA function is turned on
    • Immediately after the engine is started with the RCTA function on
    • When the sensors cannot detect a vehicle due to obstructions<> Toyota Corolla. RCTA function
  • Instances of the RCTA function unnecessarily detecting a vehicle and/or object may increase in the following situations:
    • When a vehicle passes by the side of your vehicle
    • When the parking space faces a street and vehicles are being driven on the street<> Toyota Corolla. RCTA function
    • When the distance between your vehicle and metal objects, such as a guardrail, wall, sign, or parked vehicle, which may reflect electrical waves toward the rear of the vehicle, is short
    • When a towing eyelet is installed to the rear of the vehicle (if equipped)

    Turning the RCTA function on/off

    Use the meter control switches to enable/disable the RCTA function. 1 Press or to select . 2 Press or to select “RCTA” and then press . When the RCTA function is disabled, the RCTA OFF indicator (®P...

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    General settings

    Settings are available for clock, operation sounds, etc.

    Displaying the general settings screen

    1 Press the “MENU” button.

    Toyota Corolla. General settings

    2 Select “Setup”.

    If the general settings screen is not displayed, select “General”.

    3 Select the desired items to be set.

    Toyota Corolla. General settings

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