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Toyota Corolla: Connectivity settings / Setting Bluetooth® details

When an Apple CarPlay connection is established, this function will be unavailable.

When an Android Auto connection is established, some functions will be unavailable.

Displaying the Bluetooth ® setup screen

1 Press the “MENU” button.

Toyota Corolla. Setting Bluetooth® details

2 Select “Setup”.

3 Select “Bluetooth”.

4 Select the desired item to be set.

Toyota Corolla. Setting Bluetooth® details

Bluetooth® setup screen

Toyota Corolla. Setting Bluetooth® details

A - Connecting a Bluetooth® device and editing the Bluetooth ® device information

B - Registering a Bluetooth® device

C - Deleting a Bluetooth® device

D - Setting the Bluetooth® system

Registering/Connecting a Bluetooth® device

To use the hands-free system, it is necessary to register a Bluetooth® phone with the system. Once the phone has been registered, it is possible to use the hands-free system...

Connecting a Bluetooth® device

Up to 5 Bluetooth® devices (Phones (HFP) and audio players (AVP)) can be registered. If more than 1 Bluetooth® device has been registered, select which device to connect to...

Other information:

Toyota Corolla 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Changing the meter display

The multi-information display is operated using the meter control switches. A - : Select menu icons<> : Change displayed content, scroll up/down the screen and move the cursor up/down B - Press: Enter/Set Press and hold: Reset/Display customizable items C - Return to the previous screen D - Call sending/receiving and history display Linked with the hands-free system, sending or receiving ..

Toyota Corolla 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Receiving a call using the Bluetooth® hands-free system

When a call is received, the following screen is displayed with a sound. Incoming calls 1 Select “Answer” or press the switch on the steering wheel to talk on the phone. “Decline”: Select to refuse to receive the call. To adjust the volume of a received call: Turn the “POWER VOLUME” knob, or use the volume control switch on the steering wheel. The contact image picture can be dis..


Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

Location of the interior lights

Toyota Corolla. Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

A - Rear interior light

B - Door trim lights

C - Front interior/personal lights

D - Center tray light

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