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Toyota Corolla: Connectivity settings / Setting Bluetooth® details

When an Apple CarPlay connection is established, this function will be unavailable.

When an Android Auto connection is established, some functions will be unavailable.

Displaying the Bluetooth ® setup screen

1 Press the “MENU” button.

Toyota Corolla. Setting Bluetooth® details

2 Select “Setup”.

3 Select “Bluetooth”.

4 Select the desired item to be set.

Toyota Corolla. Setting Bluetooth® details

Bluetooth® setup screen

Toyota Corolla. Setting Bluetooth® details

A - Connecting a Bluetooth® device and editing the Bluetooth ® device information

B - Registering a Bluetooth® device

C - Deleting a Bluetooth® device

D - Setting the Bluetooth® system

Registering/Connecting a Bluetooth® device

To use the hands-free system, it is necessary to register a Bluetooth® phone with the system. Once the phone has been registered, it is possible to use the hands-free system...

Connecting a Bluetooth® device

Up to 5 Bluetooth® devices (Phones (HFP) and audio players (AVP)) can be registered. If more than 1 Bluetooth® device has been registered, select which device to connect to...

Other information:

Toyota Corolla 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Adding the washer fluid

Add washer fluid in the following situations: A washer does not work. The warning message appears on the multi-information display. NOTICE ■ Do not use any fluid other than washer fluid Do not use soapy water or engine antifreeze instead of washer fluid...

Toyota Corolla 2019-2023 Owners Manual: Vehicle-to-vehicle distance settings (vehicle- to-vehicle distance control mode)

Select a distance from the table below. Note that the distances shown correspond to a vehicle speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). Vehicle-to-vehicle distance increases/decreases in accordance with vehicle speed. When the vehicle is stopped by system control, the vehicle stops at a certain vehicle-to-vehicle distance depending on the situation...


Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

Location of the interior lights

Toyota Corolla. Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

A - Rear interior light

B - Door trim lights

C - Front interior/personal lights

D - Center tray light

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