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Toyota Corolla: Phone operation (Hands-free system for cellular phones) / Some basics

The hands-free system enables calls to be made and received without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

This system supports Bluetooth ®. Bluetooth® is a wireless data system that enables cellular phones to be used without being connected by a cable or placed in a cradle.

The operating procedure of the phone is explained here.

When an Apple CarPlay connection is established, phone functions will be performed by Apple CarPlay instead of the hands-free system.

  • This system is not guaranteed to operate with all Bluetooth® devices.
  • If your cellular phone does not support Bluetooth®, this system cannot function.
  • In the following conditions, the system may not function:
    • The cellular phone is turned off.
    • The current position is outside the communication area.
    • The cellular phone is not connected.
    • The cellular phone has a low battery.
  • Depending on the type of Bluetooth ® phone, some function is not available.
  • When using the hands-free system or Bluetooth® audio and Wi-Fi® Hotspot functions at the same time, the following problems may occur:
    • The Bluetooth® connection may be cut.
    • Noise may be heard on the Bluetooth ® audio playback.
    • A noise may be heard during phone calls.
  • Bluetooth® uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band. If both a Wi-Fi® connection and Bluetooth® connection are being used simultaneously, each connection may be affected.
  • If a Bluetooth® device is attempting to connect to the vehicle while another device is connected as a Bluetooth® audio device or connected using the hands-free system or Wi-Fi® Hotspot function, the communication speed may decrease or malfunctions may occur, such as image distortion or audio skipping. If a Bluetooth® device is connected to the system, the interference it may cause will be reduced. When carrying a device with its Bluetooth® connection enabled, make sure to register it to the system and connect it or disable its Bluetooth® function.
  • When a device is connected via Bluetooth®, the Bluetooth® icon on the status bar will be displayed in blue.


●While driving, do not operate a cellular phone.


  • Your audio unit is fitted with Bluetooth® antennas. People with implantable cardiac pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization therapy-pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators should maintain a reasonable distance between themselves and the Bluetooth® antennas. The radio waves may affect the operation of such devices.
  • Before using Bluetooth® devices, users of any electrical medical device other than implantable cardiac pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization therapy-pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators should consult the manufacturer of the device for information about its operation under the influence of radio waves. Radio waves could have unexpected effects on the operation of such medical devices.


Do not leave your cellular phone in the vehicle. The temperature inside may rise to a level that could damage the phone.

    Quick reference

    Phone screen operation The phone screen can be reached by the following methods: ► From the “PHONE” button Press the “PHONE” button. ► From the “MENU” button Press the “MENU” button, then select “Phone”...

    Registering/Connecting a Bluetooth® phone

    To use the hands-free system for cellular phones, it is necessary to register a cellular phone with the system. ■ Connecting a Bluetooth® device ► Registering an additional device 1 Display the phone top screen...

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