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Toyota Corolla: Audio / Radio operation. Internet radio

Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Audio / Radio operation. Internet radio

One of Toyota apps Connect features is the ability to listen to internet radio. In order to use this service, a compatible phone and the system needs to be set up. For details:

  • Other applications can be activated while listening to internet radio.
  • Some parts of applications can be adjusted using the switches on the steering wheel.
  • For additional information, refer to audio-multimedia or call 1-800-331-4331 in the United States, or call 1-888-869-6828 in Canada, and audio-multimedia or call 1-877-855-8377 in Puerto Rico.

Listening to internet radio

1 Display the audio source selection screen.

2 Select the desired application screen button.

  • The internet radio application screen is displayed.
  • Perform operations according to the displayed application screen.
  • For the instrument panel operation method:
  • If a compatible phone is already registered, it will be connected automatically.

    Refer to the table below to identify the problem and take the suggested corrective action

    When problems occur with the SiriusXM tuner, a message will appear on the screen. Referring to the table below to identify the problem, take the suggested corrective action...

    Media operation


    Other information:

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