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Toyota Corolla: Basic function / “Setup” screen

“Setup” screen

Press the “MENU” button, then select “Setup” to display the “Setup” screen. The items shown on the “Setup” screen can be set.

Toyota Corolla. “Setup” screen

A - Select to change the selected language, operation sound settings, etc.

B - Select to set Bluetooth® device and Bluetooth® system settings.

C - Select to set audio settings.

D - Select to set the phone sound, contacts, message settings, etc.

E - Select to set the voice settings.

F - Select to set vehicle information.

G - Select to set Wi-Fi® connection settings.

H - Select to set Toyota apps settings.

    Status icon


    Basic information before operation


    Other information:

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    ■ Operation of the RCTA function The RCTA function uses rear side radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from the right or left at the rear of the vehicle and alerts the driver of the presence of such vehicles by flashing the outside rear view mirror indicators and sounding a buzzer. A - Approaching vehicles B - Detection areas of approaching vehicles ■ RCTA icon display When a vehic..

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    Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

    Location of the interior lights

    Toyota Corolla. Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

    A - Rear interior light

    B - Door trim lights

    C - Front interior/personal lights

    D - Center tray light

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