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Toyota Corolla: Basic function / “Setup” screen

“Setup” screen

Press the “MENU” button, then select “Setup” to display the “Setup” screen. The items shown on the “Setup” screen can be set.

Toyota Corolla. “Setup” screen

A - Select to change the selected language, operation sound settings, etc.

B - Select to set Bluetooth® device and Bluetooth® system settings.

C - Select to set audio settings.

D - Select to set the phone sound, contacts, message settings, etc.

E - Select to set the voice settings.

F - Select to set vehicle information.

G - Select to set Wi-Fi® connection settings.

H - Select to set Toyota apps settings.

    Status icon


    Basic information before operation


    Other information:

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    Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

    Location of the interior lights

    Toyota Corolla. Using the interior lights. Interior lights list

    A - Rear interior light

    B - Door trim lights

    C - Front interior/personal lights

    D - Center tray light

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