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Toyota Corolla: Other settings / Vehicle settings

Settings are available for vehicle customization, etc.

Displaying the vehicle settings screen

1 Press the “MENU” button.

Toyota Corolla. Vehicle settings

2 Select “Setup”.

3 Select “Vehicle”.

4 Select the desired items to be set.

Vehicle settings screen

Toyota Corolla. Vehicle settings

A - Select to set vehicle customization.

B - Select to set valet mode.

Setting the valet mode

The security system can be set to on by entering a security code (4-digit number).

When set to on, the system will become inoperative once the electrical power source is disconnected until the security code is entered.

1 Display the vehicle settings screen.

2 Select “Valet Mode”.

3 Enter the 4-digit personal code and select “OK”.

4 Enter the same 4-digit personal code again and select “OK”.

  • The system will request that you input the security code again to confirm that you remember it correctly.
  • When valet mode activates, the system stops and a security code (4-digit number) standby screen is displayed.

If the 4-digit personal code is forgotten, please contact your Toyota dealer.

If the valet mode has been activated

Enter the 4-digit personal code and select “OK”.

    Voice settings

    Voice volume, etc. can be set. Displaying the voice settings screen 1 Press the “MENU” button. 2 Select “Setup”. 3 Select “Voice”. 4 Select the desired items to be set...

    Using the audio/visual system. Quick reference

    Functional overview The audio control screen can be reached by the following methods: u From the “AUDIO” button Press the “AUDIO” button. u From the “MENU” button Press the “MENU” button, then select “Audio”...

    Other information:

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    Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk opener

    Pull the lever upward to release the trunk lid.

    Toyota Corolla. Opening the trunk

    ■ Trunk release button (vehicles with a smart key system)

    While carrying the electronic key, press the button on the trunk lid.

    When all the doors are unlocked using one of the following methods, the trunk can be opened without the electronic key:

    Entry function Wireless remote control Door lock switches Automatic door unlocking system Mechanical key

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