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Toyota Corolla: Using the driving support systems / BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)

The Blind Spot Monitor is a system that uses rear side radar sensors installed on the inner side of the rear bumper on the left and right side to assist the driver in confirming safety when changing lanes.


■Cautions regarding the use of the system

The driver is solely responsible for safe driving. Always drive safely, taking care to observe your surroundings.

The Blind Spot Monitor is a supplementary function which alerts the driver that a vehicle is in a blind spot of the outside rear view mirrors or is approaching rapidly from behind into a blind spot. Do not overly rely on the Blind Spot Monitor. As the function cannot judge if it is safe to change lanes, over reliance could lead to an accident resulting in death or serious injury.

As the system may not function correctly under certain conditions, the driver’s own visual confirmation of safety is necessary.

Notification function

In the following situations, the RSA system will notify the driver. When the vehicle speed exceeds the speed notification threshold of the speed limit sign displayed, the sign display will be emphasized and a buzzer will sound...

System components

A - Meter control switches Turning the Blind Spot Monitor on/off. B - Outside rear view mirror indicators When a vehicle is detected in a blind spot of the outside rear view mirrors or approaching rapidly from behind into a blind spot, the outside rear view mirror indicator on the detected side will illuminate...

Other information:

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Screen adjustment

The contrast and brightness of the screen display and the image of the camera display can be adjusted. The screen can also be turned off, and/or changed to either day or night mode.

(For information regarding audio/visual screen adjustment)

Displaying the screen adjustment screen

1 Press the “MENU” button.

Toyota Corolla. Screen adjustment

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