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Toyota Corolla: Phone settings. Setup / Setting automatic contact/ history transfer

Toyota Corolla 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Audio / Phone settings. Setup / Setting automatic contact/ history transfer

The automatic contact/history function is available for PBAP compatible Bluetooth® phones only.

1 Select “Automatic Transfer”.

2 Select the desired item to be set.

Toyota Corolla. Setting automatic contact/ history transfer

A - Select to set automatic contact/ history transfer on/off. When set to on, the phone’s contact data and history are automatically transferred.

B - Select to update contacts from the connected phone.

C - Select to set the transferred contact image display on/off. Only when the vehicle is not moving, the contact image can be displayed.

D - Select to reset all setup items.

■ Updating contacts from phone

1 Select “Update Now”.

Contacts are transferred automatically.

2 Check that a confirmation screen is displayed when the operation is complete.

  • This operation may be unnecessary depending on the type of Bluetooth® phone.
  • If another Bluetooth® device is connected when transferring contact data, depending on the phone, the connected Bluetooth® device may need to be disconnected.
  • Depending on the type of Bluetooth® phone being connected, it may be necessary to perform additional steps on the phone.

■ Updating the contacts in a different way (from the call history screen)

1 Display the phone top screen.

2 Select “History” and select a contact not yet registered in the contact list.

3 Select “Update Contact”.

4 Select the desired contact.

5 Select a phone type for the phone number.

    Contacts/Call history settings screen

    Contacts can be transferred from a Bluetooth® phone to this system. Contacts and favorites can be added, edited and deleted. Also, the call history can be deleted...

    Transfer contacts from device

    When an Android Auto connection is established, this function will be unavailable. From phone (OPP compatible Bluetooth® phones only) ► When the contact is not registered 1 Select “Transfer Contacts from Device”...

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