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Toyota Corolla: Phone settings. Setup / Vehicle signature settings

1 Select “Vehicle Signature”

2 Select the desired item to be set.

Toyota Corolla. Vehicle signature settings

A - Select to set adding the vehicle signature to outgoing messages on/off.

B - Select to edit the vehicle signature.

C - Select to reset all setup items.

■ Editing vehicle signature

1 Select “Edit Vehicle Signature”.

2 Enter desired signature with using keyboard.

3 Select “OK”.

4 Select “OK” on the confirmation screen, or select “Edit Again” when it needs to amend.

    Message settings screen

    1 Display the phone settings screen. 2 Select “Messaging”. 3 Select the desired item to be set. A - Select to set automatic message transfer on/off...

    What to do if... (Bluetooth ®). Troubleshooting

    If there is a problem with the hands-free system or a Bluetooth® device, first check the table below. Troubleshooting ■ When using the hands-free system with a Bluetooth® device The hands-free system or Bluetooth ® device does not work...

    Other information:

    Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Driving the vehicle

    The following procedures should be observed to ensure safe driving: Driving procedure ■ Starting the engine ■ Driving ► Continuously variable transmission 1 With the brake pedal depressed, shift the shift lever to D. (®P.169) 2 Release the parking brake...

    Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Owners Manual: Operating HomeLink

    Press the appropriate Home- Link® button. The HomeLink® indicator light should turn on. The status of the opening and closing of a garage door is shown by the indicators. A - Opening C - Closing This function is only available if the garage door opener motor used is a compatible device...


    Unlocking and locking the doors from the outside

    ■ Smart key system (if equipped)

    Carry the electronic key to enable this function.

    Toyota Corolla. Unlocking and locking the doors from the outside

    1 Grip the driver’s door handle to unlock the door. Holding the driver’s door handle for approximately 2 seconds unlocks all the doors. Grip the front passenger’s door handle to unlock all the doors.*

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