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Toyota Corolla: Voice command system operation. Voice command system / Voice command system operation

The voice command system is operated by saying commands which correspond to a supported function. To display examples of commands for supported functions, select a function button on the screen after starting the voice command system.

Operation from the main menu

1 Press the talk switch.

Toyota Corolla. Voice command system operation

Voice guidance for the voice command system can be skipped by pressing the talk switch.

2 If “Getting Started with Voice” screen is displayed, select “OK” or press the talk switch.

3 After hearing a beep, say a supported command.

  • To display sample commands of the desired function, say the desired function or select the desired function button. To display more commands, select “More Commands”.
  • Selecting “Help” or saying “Help” prompts the voice command system to offer examples of commands and operation methods.
  • Registered POIs, registered names in the contacts list etc., can be said in the place of the “<>” next to the commands.

For example: Say “Find a restaurant”, “Call John Smith” etc.

  • If a desired outcome is not shown, or if no selections are available, perform one of the following to return to the previous screen:
    • Say “Go back”.
    • Select Toyota Corolla. Voice command system operation.
  • To cancel voice recognition, select Toyota Corolla. Voice command system operation, say “Cancel”, or press and hold the talk switch.
  • To perform the voice command operation again, select “Start Over” or say “Start over”.
  • To suspend voice command operation, select “Pause” or say “Pause”. To resume the voice command operation, select “Resume” or press the talk switch.


  • If the system does not respond or the confirmation screen does not disappear, press the talk switch and try again.
  • If a voice command cannot be recognized 3 consecutive times, voice recognition will be canceled.
  • Voice recognition prompts can be changed on the voice settings screen.

This function can be used to cancel voice guidance by turning the voice prompts off. When you press the talk switch while using this setting, a beep sounds, and then you can immediately say a command.

  • Some voice guidance can be canceled by setting voice prompts to off. Use this setting when it is desirable to say a command immediately after pressing the talk switch and hearing a beep.

Increasing the voice recognition performance

To increase voice recognition performance, use the “Tutorials” and “Voice Training” functions on the “Getting Started with Voice” screen. These functions are only available when the vehicle is not moving.

The “Tutorials” and “Voice Training” functions can also be started on the voice settings screen.

1 Press the talk switch.

2 Select the desired item to be set.

Toyota Corolla. Voice command system operation

A - Select to display the voice command tutorials.

B - Select to train the voice command system.

The user will be asked to say 10 sample phrases. This will help the voice command system adapt to the user’s accent.

C - Select to prevent the screen from being displayed again.

D - Select to proceed to the voice command screen.

    Using the voice command system

    ■ Steering switch A - Talk switch ► Voice command system Press the talk switch to start the voice command system. To cancel voice command, press and hold the talk switch...

    Voice command system operation. Command list

    Command list overview Recognizable voice commands and their actions are shown below. Frequently used commands are listed in the following tables. For devices that are not installed to the vehicle, commands relating to that device may not be displayed on the screen...

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    Press the “iMT” switch.

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